Public Sector Development

Whether you are a municipal, county, or state governing body or a public agency involved in delivering workforce housing, Axia can give you meaningful advice based on our broad industry experience and detailed knowledge of public-private partnerships.

We understand your constraints and are experienced with the ins and outs of developing sustainable communities using programs such as HOPE VI, federal low income housing tax credits, HOME, CDBG and tax increment financing. Our experience in working across multiple layers of government and in partnership with the private sector to successfully develop workforce housing will make your interjurisdictional efforts more effective.


Axia's experience will be invaluable to you as we:
  • Develop an RFQ for your prospective projects
  • Assess the feasibility of your transaction
  • Review the capacity and experience of your prospective partners
  • Guide your project toward readiness to proceed
  • Evaluate community impact
  • Assure compliance with federal and state program requirements
  • and much more


You get high-quality output, customized solutions, and a plan tailored to meet your timeline and preferred execution.

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